I always get an error

This is what i did in the first part because I always get an error where something is wrong in the readline class and i also added the path inside the arguement object because i also get an error where path is not defined.

const SerialPort = require("serialport");
const { ReadlineParser } = require("@serialport/parser-readline");

const parsers = SerialPort.parsers;
const parser = new ReadlineParser({ delimeter: "\r\n" });

const port = new SerialPort.SerialPort({
  path: "COM9",
  baudRate: 9600,
  dataBits: 8,
  parity: "none",
  stopBits: 1,
  flowControl: false,


parser.on("data", (data) => {

It would be nice if you provided a bit of context here. What are you trying to do? What doesn’t work? What errors are you getting? How are you running it (node I assume?).

I don’t know anything about the libs you are using.

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