I am confused about how return works in the solution to the Basic Algorithm Scripting challenge - Where do I belong

Here is my solution to the problem - where do i belong


There are two things that confuse me about this question:

  1. What purpose does the return arr.length serve? I thought this would just return the length of the original array. Why doesn’t return arr.indexOf(i); work here instead?

  2. If you place the return array.length inside the loop you get different results. I understand that placing the return outside the loop will only return once the loop has finished iterating. How is the arr.length bringing back the correct answer, I thought having the loop break once it found the correct index would be the right call instead, hence putting the return inside the loop.

Hi @dan_friend !

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Hey thanks for the welcome and the reply!

Sorry, in future I will put my code in like you say!

what happens if arr[i] > num is always false? or if arr.length is 0?

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