I am facing difficulaties in writing nested loops

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I am new to coding when ever if a problem involves in nested loops.
i am ending up in infiniate loops this is not because of inc/dec of the variables. this is because of not resetting some variable at outerloop thus by resulting in running the code in infinate loops

What is the best way to be comfortable with nested loops. Need some tips in this regard.

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Ramesh Varma.

The best way is just to use them.

And depending on your language, there may be options other than a for loop with exposed iteration variables - like JS we have for...in, for...of, and a bunch of array prototype methods that often preferable. I work in JS and I almost never write a for loop (or while or do while). I almost always use a prototype method.

If you can share code, we can also point out issues.

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@kevinSmith Thank you so much i am currently learning c.
i just figured that i am not resetting the values at outer loop level thus i am getting wrong input i just corrected it through debugging
As you said i will try to code daily till i comfortable in nested loops

in this below program i forgot to reset the values(in bold)

/C Prog for Armstrong numbers without using any inbuilt mathematical function such as pow()/

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    int lower_interval,upper_interval,temp,count=0,cnt,mul=1,result=0,rem,i=0;
    printf("enter lower interval:\n");
    printf("enter upper interval:\n");
        //count no of digits
     //calculate the nth power of its digits and sum it up
            printf("%d ",i);
        **//reset the values**

Now i got it
Ramesh Varma.

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Having looked at the code (and remembering that I haven’t done C in decades), I’m still not sure what this is trying to do. If you are not sure what is happening, put in some log statements. I would also suggest breaking things into some well named functions.

Hi there,

Even though I was able to get passed this challenge, I still don’t get it.

What is the sequence of steps Javascript takes when the For loops are nested?

I understood that the goal here is to multiply all these following array elements:

What I don’t get is: if the i and the j variables are incremented with the same instructions, how their values can be different?

Ex. In arr[1][0], i value is different than j value, but in the for loop, they both are incremented.

I know it may be hard to understand my question - it’s also hard to formulate it. I’d really appreciate any answers, though, even if they are other questions to help me formulate it better.

Thanks y’all!

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