I am getting the right image but still does not pass the tests

I have done sea_level_predictor in jupyter and I get the similar image to the example. Yet the test fails. I do not know where I am stuck.

def draw_plot():
       df = pd.read_csv("epa-sea-level.csv",

    # Create scatter plot
  plt.scatter(df.index, df['CSIRO Adjusted Sea Level'])

    # Create first line of best fit
  slope, intercept, rvalue, pvalue, stderr=linregress(df.index,df['CSIRO Adjusted Sea Level'])
  slope, intercept, rvalue, pvalue, stderr=linregress(df.index,df['CSIRO Adjusted Sea Level'])
  x=np.linspace(1880,2050, 2050-1880)
  y= (slope*x)+intercept

    # Create second line of best fit
  mask=df_2000[df.index <=2000]

  slope1, intercept1, rvalue1, pvalue1, stderr1=linregress(df_2000.index,df_2000['CSIRO Adjusted Sea Level'])
  x1=np.linspace(2000,2050, 2050-2000)
  y1= (slope1*x1)+intercept1
  plt.plot(x1,y1, color='green')

    # Add labels and title
  plt.ylabel("Sea Level (inches)")
  plt.title("Rise in Sea Level")

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Challenge: Sea Level Predictor

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Also I checked the values from test module. And it is same as well. It fails in test_plot_lines where those values are ploted

Please post a link to your replit so we can run the code and see the result.

boilerplate-sea-level-predictor - Replithttps://replit.com/@SAFASHAHABUDDIN/boilerplate-sea-level-predictor#sea_level_predictor.py

This is the link. Thank you.


Hi I haven’t got any reply, so I was wondering what to do?

Ah sorry, I didn’t find anything really wrong… Also it’s not helpful that I don’t know how to see the console after the project is run…
I remember having some trouble as to if the year 2000 was inclusive or exclusive for the second regression. Maybe try that?

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