I am having problems with this lesson. My browser (Mozilla) won't allow me to do it. How to solve it? Bug?[Solved]

Hello Camper,

If possible tag someone such as a moderator or responsible.

So far I have had an incredible journey here at Free Code Camp but…

As the link follows below somehow as I try to access the challenge my browser keeps freezing. I am using a Mozilla ESR on a Debia9 32x and I don’t have an access to a 64 bit Chrome browser.

Is it possible that this is a bug. I have had this problem since yesterday. If so is it possible to fix it so I could go on with the lessons. I also have an impression that other lessons from the React part (Front End Libraries) and forward (haven’t had problem with jQuery and BootStrap) are also going to be buggy.

Thank you so much. And have a great day.

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Link of the lesson is below.

The challenge tests do not work well on Safari, Edge, or Internet Explorer. The curriculum works best when using Chrome.

Let us know if you are still having trouble when using Chrome.

You can also submit an issue here: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues , but it may take some time for it to be addressed.

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@Dereje1 I am really thankful for the reply. I was just able to pass the test. And no joke I have been trying since yesterday without success. So today I experienced the same behavior. The difference this time is when asked to stop or wait, and when pressed to wait, the code appeared and it was editable. Enabling me to pass the challenge. I did that just 10 min ago. I still believe there is a bug but now it is fixed for me. Thank you so much (specially for the quick reply),

Have a great day.