I am learning ember. Would I be earning anything from it?

OK, I was not talking abut money… I am still a high schooler(4 years left of education before college).
I have subscribed to CodeSchool, and I am learning ember.js this time. The courses are good enough.What I want to know is whether I should continue with it or not. Will it be worth it? I have made one or two react apps on fcc,and I have a basic understanding of express, but little to no knowledge of MongoDB.

I have no interest in job, as you may have noticed, but I might be interested in some freelancing


The Creators of Discourse ( our forum software ) used ember.js to create what is possibly the best forum software currently out.

If you were to ask them if learning and using ember got them anywhere… well, i think you know the answer they would probably give :slight_smile:

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