I am stuck with my code on : Time Calculator

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I am having problems figuring out what to do with start and how to make this work: Any hint or tips are appreciated thnx

This is the logic I have so far

A start time in the 12-hour clock format (ending in AM or PM)

a day has a total of 24 hours

12:00 AM

12:00 PM

each of those 12 hours exsist of 1 hour

each 1 hour is 60 min which exist out of 60 X 60 min

duration time = the time something last example a movie can last 1 hour

duration time + start time #add duration time to the start time

#return result new_time

if the result is more then 24 hours then add new_time +(next day)

elif more then 1 day new_time +(n days later)

return new_time

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        sec = 60
min = sec * 60
hour = min * 60
AM = 12 * hour
PM = 12 * hour
if AM > 12
day = AM + PM

start =  day
def add_time(start, duration):
    duration + start
        return new_time
        if new_time < 24:00:
        elif new_time > 24:00:
            print (new_time + (next day))
        elif new_time > 48:00:
            print(new_time+ (n days later))

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Challenge: Time Calculator
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please share your repl, it is easier to debug that way

but more than everything, you have a lot of syntax errors
the console will tell you where, hunt them down one by one

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Alright I fixed most of the syntax errors
only this one can’t really figure out how to go about n

            print(new_time +(n days later))

and it is added in a reply.it file now