I am trying to move all of my text in the footer to the right but its on the left

I want my links and copyright text to stay stacked on one another , but I just want the text moved to the far right end of my footer. I tried to move it to the far right end of the footer with the justify-contents:right property, but that didn’t help.

You’re making good work on your site!

There was a link I saw posted a while back that helped me learn more about flexbox below. You are close, but since your container is a flex-column, justify-content is up/down and align-items is left/right.

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Found the solution. I used the Text-align property and set it to the right and that worked for me

Do you know how I would set my navbar fixed as I scroll down my web page?

I won’t give you a code solution, but you can work through these steps:

  • To fix your header to the top, you’ll need to set the position to be fixed, and make sure there are no pixels at the top or the left.
  • Fixing the header will take it out of the page flow, so the space that it took up will be filled by the content that was below the header. To solve that and push the contents down, you can add padding or margin to the top of the main container div.
  • It may also be necessary to set the width of the header to fill the width of the container the header is in.