I am trying to use the rangeslider jQuery plugin

I am trying to use the rangeslider jQuery plugin: Rangeslider.js

i have linked the cdn from jsdelivr site.

In my html i have the range slider element :
<input id="range-control" type="range" min="0" max="100" step="1" value="0">

In my javascript i have this:

    polyfill: false,
    onSlideEnd: function(position, value){
        console.log('Position', position, 'Value', value);

but the range slider is still having the default look. am a newbie in js and in web development , please i will appreciate your help.

I have no experience with rangeslider, and without seeing the full page it is hard to estimate where it might go wrong.
I suggest you copy the example code from their website and modify bit by bit from there to see where you went wrong, testing on every turn to see where it breaks.
Like first copy their slider, then add the html id, then change some parameters, etc etc.

Yea thanks buddy, i have tried to do so but yet i cant spot what am missing.

Well, what is the point that it breaks then?

I really don’t know. Maybe am not importing the right links or the js implementation is not okay.

But is it working when you copy their example code?

No its not, i put in all the implementations but the slider is still on the default look. It didn’t change …in fact it was as if i didn’t do anything.
here is what i tried: an example here in JsFiddle

and i linked its script with this:
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/rangeslider.js@2.3.3/dist/rangeslider.min.js"></script>

here is what i get:

okay i got it working here
Thanks man!