I broke freecodecamp

Well,i intended to iterate over a multi dimensional array, as well as every array within that array.

result: a code that crashes free code camp’s lesson page instantly. The bad part of all of this is the fact that this code was autosaved, so now anytime i try to access freecodecamp to continue with my java lessons, the old code is loaded & the page immediately becomes unresponsive.

Whats the next step for me?

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Clear your cache in the browser.

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I had this problem with an infinite loop I created in a challenge. I found you can blank out your code by passing a solution value in the URL. Like so:

https://www.freecodecamp.com/challenges/[whatever-challenge-to-reset]?solution="Hello world"

That way your bad code doesn’t execute. Then you can reset and start over. You can also use this to pass in actual code, but it’s unwieldy. So I usually just start over if I broke FCC that bad.

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You have created an infinite loop or infinite recursion.