I built a tool to encrypt images - Feedback much appreciated

Hello Hackers,

I’ve been working on a project to encrypt images. You can use it here,


To use it you have to upload an image that’s no more than 5mb, Preferably 2mb or less. After that, use a password that’s actually more of a key phrase that will encrypt the image. The password should be between 5 to 10 characters. Make sure encrypt is checked then click submit and you’ll get your encrypted image with an option to download. Note, that by default it will save the image as a png.

Note - If the encrypted image is converted to another format like jpg the file is corrupted and you will never be able to decrypt it, so avoid manipulating, updating, or converting the encrypted file as much as possible.

To decrypt it’s a similar process, only make sure decrypt is checked and you use the exact same password you used to encrypt it.

The reason this tool was created is that I’m studying pseudo-random number generators, PNRG’s, and their effectiveness in simple ciphers. The PNRG I used in this app is a little of a secret but I can say its a relative of a linear congruential generator. Essentially, what it does is it scrambles the pixels of an image in a way that’s reversible if a “seed”, in my case a very large number generated by the password, is supplied.

If a weak PNRG is used it’d be very easy to crack the code. So the challenge is to use a reversible PNRG that sufficiently scrambles the pixels into a colorful “static” that makes it incredibly difficult to recover the original image.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out!


That’s pretty nice if you want security over your images, nice work!

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