I built my professional website, now what?

The issue I’m having is hosting my website. I have a repository for it. It’s full responsive. But where can I host it?
I’ve published sites previously with gh-pages. But now that’s not working for me. I can’t seem to figure it out. Apparently I need a template. Well, I don’t want to use the template.
Where are some sites I can host for free?

Hey there,

What does that mean?
Do you have some technical issues?

You can use Netlify and Vercel for free for small websites.

Yes, I am having technical issues. GitHub pages will not load my web site files.
I have followed the steps. When I click the link for where my site is to be hosted with gh-pages i get a 404 error.
I think I’ll just deleted the repository and start over.

Can you follow example as shown in FCC youtube video called “How to Put a Website Online: Template, Coding, Domain, Hosting, and DNS”?
I found it very helpful.

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do you have an index.html file?

yes, I have an index.html file. I used an HTML 5 boiler plate for my starter code. So I have everything, I

You just have to absolutely must select a template when hosing with gh-pages.
here’s the finished product:

Maybe it’s a new thing… my page since a few months ago is up and running without a theme

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that’s what I’m thinking too. I have hosted previous pages with out a theme and now it has changed. Also, when I push my repository changes after a commit, it is now just $ git push and not $ git push origin master. Do you know of any resource to stay up to date with GitHub changes?

Did the theme pick the font colors and background? Because some of the combinations don’t have enough contrast to be readable.

No, the theme made no changes that I can see to my web site.

here I would say:

you may also notice that the default repository has changed from “master” to “main”

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I did notice that as well. Thank you