Hosting in GitHub


Hello All,

I would like to host my tribute page in GitHub. I have tried to get a domain using gh-pages but i am not able to host a site which i developed.

Thanks in advance!


what is issue that you are facing. Any errors or what’s the hindrance?


You need to create separate branch called gh-pages and push it to github repo to make it work.


Once i hosted it is showing blank page, I have tried like that but it didnt work.


Is your homepage labeled index.html? Gh-pages looks for a file called index.html to load.


okay. My files are tribute.html and tribute.css :smiley:


Okay, rename tribute.html to index.html and try it again.


Sure. Let me try it and ping


If you are still having problems, could you link to your repo?


Now it’s coming :smile: Thanks for all ! :blush:
This is the link:


Glad I could be of service. Oh, and it looks really impressive.


Here’s the guide on how to do this:


Thats great @SkyC :smiley:


Yes, @SkyC, thank you for taking the time to put together that guide.