I built my project on github,

how to know if people are visiting my website? i like to display the number on it.
i saw that github provids trafic data on the platform, but i don’t know if it’s about the website or just githubers’s visits for the repository on github ?
thank you

Github keeps track of analytics regarding its github projects. How they do this I’m not sure.

If you’d like to know who is going to your website I’d recommend something like Google Analytics. Which is free and very feature rich.

Or you could build your own, or use an off the shelf solution if you don’t like the idea of giving Google more data. However, Google Analytics can get you going and give you what you want more or less right now with minimal changes on your part.

But i’m imagining that google analytics is for firebase based websites, i lunched the project on github, i’d have to talk to domain company to change records to the new link i would create by deploying on firebase… Is it worth it?
Is there a way to keep the proj on github and use google analytics?

Firebase provides integration with Google Analytics, as they are both under the Google ecosystem, but you can use Google Analytics without Firebase.

You will need a Google account though, as that is how you manage your actual analytics, and see metrics.

I’d checkout:

For a high level guide on getting started with Google Analytics.

I use Github pages (assuming thats what your referring to) and Google Analytics for a few of my projects. So it isn’t a question of “if” but more how. There are some considerations that relate more to how github pages work, but Google Analytics isn’t one of those considerations. :+1:

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