How to Host my Project On Github page

I always use firebase to host my project, but now i want to learn how i can host my project on github page. All the tutorial is saw was not really helpful, i will be glad if someone can point me in the right direction Thank You.

Well we do not know what tutorials you have looked at, did you look at the official docs?

What type of project is it? Plain HTML/CSS/JS, static (no backend), is a framework used?

Personally, I’m not super crazy about GH Pages. The fact that you didn’t find a good tutorial for it speaks volumes I think. I would suggest looking at Netlify (no backend code, except for serverless functions),

Hello. I had trouble with the same thing and I stumbled across a simple guide at The Odin Project. Here is a link to the page:
It is the section of the page called ‘viewing your project on the web’ .
Hope this helps!

Thanks you verry much

I found this after serveral different attempts from various tutorials on YouTube and reading blogs.

GitHub Desktop has a tutorial that once downloaded you are able to go through. It will walk you through creating a repository and pushing commits to branches.