How to host my code on to github and then to online hosting platforms

hello @everyone!
let me hope you are doing all well;
Anyway guys I just need a help because I really want to start hosting some of my few free projects of html and CSS on my device to the web and GitHub but I totally don’t know where and how to begin so am asking of help from anyone who can help and get me out of the darkness I’m in such that I also start seeing my projects online,
Any resource that can help me to work through is highly welcomed.



On a serious note: your question is too broad. It is similar to a question “how do I make a dinner?” A lot of us are happy to help, but we need more information.

Steps I suggest:

  1. Create a page.
  2. Find some free hosting site.
  3. Read tutorial on how to set up your page.

Hi @19alema !

I would first focus on learning how to get your projects onto github first.
You will need to create a profile and learn how to use git.

Good news is that there are plenty of resources on how to get setup with creating your first repo.

Once you get setup with github than you can start looking into hosting.

For html and css projects, one option would be github pages.

Hope that helps!

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