How to set up a working enviroment

Hi I’ve been doing the FCC projects on codepen so far I would like to use Visual Studio code editor and push my stuff to Github so I could showcase that I’m working every single day.
How do I make free external links to my projects so I can get the certificate?

How familiar with github are you so far?

GitHub Pages is a reasonably easy way to host front end projects, one you know your way around git and GitHub.

Not that familiar just had a code editor made a repository and used push on the IDE to upload everything :sweat_smile::rofl:

can you host multiple front end projects? and what’s an alternative for back-end as well?

Yes, you can have a page for every project in your github account if you wish. In fact, you can have multiple pages per project, even, but I won’t get in to the technicalities of that for now.

A decent backend alternative is Heroku, but you can use a range of different backend tools depending on your needs. Glitch is popular, too.

All you really need to do is change a setting on your github project to enable github pages. If the code all works properly, then it should just work.

Thank you for helping me out, gonna finish the front-end stuff on the codepen then transition to heroku or something for JS projects thank you so much :slight_smile:

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