Can I use GitHub as a project host

Hi all,
Can I put a project on GitHub and get a link to share it with from there?

I’ve just finished my Survey Project and want to share the link somewhere.

I created the project on my laptop with VS Code and it works great, passing all the tests.
I did push it over to scrimba as well, but notice one minor shaky spot with the scrimba interface, so was thinking maybe somewhere else.

I would try it on CodePen, but don’t have a pay account there and can’t figure out how to have multiple supporting files for my project page. i.e. 1-index.html and 3 .css files for it, unless I go Pro Acct there??
Please advise.

You can use GitHub Pages.

You can also make a project (check the docs) on Codepen, the limit on a free account is “1 project with 10 files”.

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