I cant export my CodePen pen

My pen is linked at https://codepen.io/rocord/pen/LYZamRg

Whenever I go to the bottom of the pen and select the “Export” option, I just see a white box with no download option. Please help!

Screenshot: image

@RoCord Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp Forums! Try reloading the page and then exporting it. Also that page is awesome, thought I clicked a wrong link for a minute. Good work. Happy Coding! :smile:

Looks like maybe a browser issue? I can export your pen. Is your browser up to date? What browser are you using?

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I’m using Google Chrome Beta 87

I refreshed it many times and I am still having this issue

You may be seeing some Beta bugs. Try using a supported version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.

You were right! thanks. I can export it now. image

I’m glad to hear it. Happy coding!