I cant figure out how to hover

no, I’m not in the circus I want to replace one image when hovering it.

Please show us what you’ve tried.

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#image: hover {
  border: 1px solid black;

I need to change image then back to original.

Whatever box element you are hovering on (the image in this case), you want to change the image on hover…so:

#image: hover {
  background-image: url("<imageURLhere>")

i got it guys my url was trash.

so i need to add sound on hover now too. I don’t get it I read everything and I’m so confused and have learned nothing. Those guys talk like professors. I need someone to dummy it down for me.


I need sound in it too I got the image working but i was never taught audio yet. but I want sound please help me i have tried all over the net.


What’s making you think you need sound? That’s not a requirement for a Tribute Page.

Also, who is “Those guys”? I can not see where you have tried to implement sound. That is going to require JavaScript. My suggestion is wait until you have completed the JavaScript section and some of those projects and then come back to this one if you still feel you want to add sound to the hovers.

I’ve gone beyond the assignment.

Baby steps. You haven’t progressed that far yet and you don’t want to ask someone else to do it for you. When you learn about adding sound you can always come back and add it.

For now, concentrate on getting your page looking better.
For instance;

Also codepen provides you with validators for HTML and CSS. In each of the sections click on the down arrow and then click ‘Analyze HTML’ and ‘Analyze CSS’ respectively. You have some things in your HTML that you should clean up.


Yes I know about all those thing but i dont think their important for now. spending to much time on it i just turned it in.