Needing help with hover

I am looking for some help on hover.


I have 4 images, 3 I want to hover when you mouse over them and the top image should stay static. How do I go about spliting these images up?

I know the rest of the cost is pretty iffy at the moment but it is just being flung together to pass all the tests and now I am trying to go over it to flesh it out and make it looks good. I am starting from the top down, so the first thing is trying to get the first image to not transform.

Any help would be appreciated.

You’ll want to change your CSS slightly to target only those images. Currently, you’re targetting all images on the page

#peanut-image img:hover, #almond-image img:hover, #cashew-image img:hover {
  transform: scale(1.25);

This will target the three images and apply the hover state to them

Thanks I had tried to do what you suggested but I had the tag round the wrong way so thank you for that help. Now to move onto the next issues :slight_smile: