I cant find a job in coding looking for almost 2 years

Can someone please tell me how to find a job. I just got a degree and been pounding pavement on indeed,linkedin,monster,flexjobs,nomadlist,and nothing. Getting ready to quit and try something like HVAC or plumbing or handyman work. Seems like coding is saturated and no jobs right now. A lot of jobs are overseas and being taken by low earners. Tons of small businesses hiring teams of Indian companies for the price of 1 american dev. Future looks bleak for new coders like me.

People are still getting programming jobs in the US. If you post your resume, we can take a look. It’s also possible that your technical interviews are not going particularly well. Interviews can be tough.

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What kind of degree?

I didn’t know FCC was hiring. I’ve been with you guys for almost a year now and I’m planning to start applying for internships soon. Can I also submit my resume and if so, where exactly should I send it?

He didn’t mean fCC was hiring. He meant we can help review the OP’s resume in case there is some issue preventing him from getting interviews.

Ps. Jeremy is a volunteer moderator and doesn’t work for fCC. (So am I)


Oh ok, thank you. I’ll post it then once it’s ready.

The real term is assocoates of applied science : CIT SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING. my advisor told me it was a job ready degree and students were literally dropping out because companoes were hiring them directly form the school. Needless to say it wasnt true

Dude i havent gotten 1 interview yet lol

There could be many reasons for this, could be due to your resume/portfolio … what kind of programming do you want to do (front end/backend/devops?), what languages do you know/like?

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Who in the world is going to give me a coding job when i have no “real” experience. This has been really depressing. Now im in debt and have no job

With no experience aplyying directly to jobs is hard . Do you have a portfolio? If you have a degree and two years in coding sure that you have several skills. Maybe you have to make something original, maybe you have to get more networking.
I found my actual job thanks to a original portfolio (not a fancy one, just a pixel pokemon-style game in which you can talk with a few people) and sharing every project that I made on linkedin, talking about it until a company talk me.

In a year looking I just get one interview aplying via job offers because my Cv doesnt look great. But making and showing its you can get engagement

edit: but still aplying, you never knows where you cand find an oportunity, maybe in infojobs, maybe talking with a friend or maybe networking

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Yea if you don’t have any experience it is hard to get a job this is true in general, the good thing with tech (unlike other industries) is that you can get experience without a job, you can build personal projects, volunteer, work in open source projects etc.

I know this is a lot, I have been trying to make a career change but never get enough time to do all this extra stuff.

It is also a very hard time for technologists with all the layoffs, so don’t give up and don’t take it personal… if you need to get a “survival” job to make ends meet, try something where you can practice coding on the job, also you could try to look for apprenticeships, or internships (if you just graduated).

Good luck!

Hi @kingdomcre8tive !

Welcome to the forum!

As mentioned earlier, you should post your resume in the #career section of the forum and people will give you feedback on how to improve it.

If you have been looking for 2 years and haven’t received an interview yet, then it is probably how you have written your resume that isn’t attracting potential employers. Most people, including myself when I was applying for jobs, are terrible at writing resumes. My first few drafts of my resume were bad and if I had sent them out I would have never landed anything. But I got feedback from other tech professionals and was able to revise it into something much better. Same goes for my linkedin profile.

You are only given a few seconds of someone’s time before they decide to give you a chance or move onto the next candidate. By posting your resume here for feedback and revising it could mean the difference in turning things around and landing some interviews.

Landing that first job is tough and takes a lot longer than most people think especially if you don’t have much relevant work experience. But it is possible. It took me year and a half of going down the self taught journey before I landing my first job.

Let the forum see your resume and let us help you rework so it will attract potential employers more. :+1:


A year and a half is really quick if you started from 0 and were self-taught on top of that. It’s really encouraging to hear.

I thought i was to slow considering you hear all the bootcamps say that you can be ready in 12 weeks. Someone i knew got a shopify dev role at an agency making 70k a year and was self taught and never went to school. So i thought im just extra dumb or this just isnt working out.

Yes i will post it. I went by exactly how it looked on “professional programmer resume out of college” that i google searched . I basically just plug and played

This is both good and bad.

The bad is obviously your not getting bites with your resume.

The good is you have a very limited set of possibilities to work on. Namely your resume, cover letter, application are the only things making or breaking you right now. This is in comparison from say bombing 5 interviews in a row due to some aspect. At that point you have to start covering a lot more ground and asking a lot more requestions about your approach.

If your resume doesn’t “work”, then the resume needs work.

This is a little suspicious. If you’ve been sending out more or less the same resume for 2 years, odds are what doesn’t work in a few months, wont ever work. The term “pounding pavement” also sounds like your primarily aiming for “spray and pray”. It also usually isn’t the format that gets you the job, its the content, general messaging and approach that gets you to stand out enough to get an interview.

Its usually recommended to tweak your resume for different jobs you apply for, to “tilt” what you focus on for the job description at hand. Depending on your background you could have multiple resumes for different roles.

This also doesn’t include any “extras” you could provide during the application process, like cover letter, portfolio, website, Github, Linkedin. These might not help a weak resume too much, but they can add extra incentive to those interesting enough in your resume to check.

Ultimately applying to jobs is a skill in itself. It is essentially a sales skill, where the product your selling is your technical skills. The best sales-person can sell anything. If your skill level is high enough, then the skills “sell themselves”, but that usually isn’t the case. If your fighting multiple other similar people for the same job, then you can work on your skills and work on your technique to selling your sales so you stand out more.

You don’t have to be some global genius to have a chance, you just want to look like the single best option for a single job.

I usually consider stories like this to be survivor bias. Did you hear about all the other developers who paid all this money then didn’t get a job from bootcamp X? Probably not because no one posts their failures as they would their wins. Almost no one wants to hear of these stories either so they aren’t as popular, and thus harder to find.

This means the only stories you hear are the ones where awesome stuff happens. This isn’t an actual representation of what happens though as you only see “survivors”.

That said bootcamps range from helpful to complete scams. You could pay money to learn a few key skills in a short time for legit instructors and get help with job placement. Or you could throw down a large percentage of future earnings, take on debt, learn a few critical skills and still end up out of job.

You don’t necessarily need to be the best in the world to get a job, or even be applicable for all these “tons of jobs” you only need to be the best choice for one.

Your goal when job searching, is essentially to craft your entire approach around the singular goal of getting a single job. This means your resume should meet as much of the requirements of a given job as possible. If your missing requirements see what you can do to improve on what you find your missing. If you have some requirements of the job, then promote those directly as much as possible in your resume. If you have irrelevant experience then cut it out and add in more relevant experience.

Throw in a cover letter about how your background matches the job description, and possibly goes beyond what is asked because X, Y, Z.

Be sure any extra resources you have, like your github and portfolio and linkedIn have some references to what you have on your resume, to further the point about why you should be hired.

I’d also keep track of what companies you can work for that are local. Being in the same location removes a large portion of competition from remote work.

Finally, its possible none of this works and you still get shot down. If you do, try to see if you can find some feedback and whatever you get, work on it. Improve that aspect and re-apply with your “updated” resume and update all those secondary resources to improve your changes.

Good luck, keep learning, keep growing :+1:


i want to do anything that will hire me. i dont care what it is anymore. i feel like its all the same anyways. i like data science but ppl keep telling me i need a masters or doctorate these days. I like it all

thats the problem how am i supposed to get good though. Im on FCC everyday and sites like youtube but i just dont feel myself getting better. Everytime i go on leetcode i always do the same ole same ole looking at solutions. I dont know maybe im just mentally challenged at this stuff

ive literally made a fake chat gpt requirement saying i have a masters degree matching say 100 indeed jobs and i didnt get a single interview. I did it for my own educational purposes to see how bad getting into a job was right now. Its pretty bad. Everything i make for myself matches perfectly and most the time I have to stretch the rubber band