I can't get a picture to load off of my computer

I am currently trying to finish my portfolio project and I’m attempting to put in a local picture of myself from my files. I get the outline of the picture and the little picture symbol in the top left of the outline but no picture. I am hoping some of you guys can help me.

Here’s the code for that section:

    <div class="col-xs-6 WhiteText">
      <img src="IMG_3702.JPG" id="ProfilePic">

Thanks in advance

I just left off the beginning “<” so that it would show up here. I have it in my actual code

In order for your picture to be viewable on the internet, that picture must be on the internet. I can’t go to a website and see files that exist only on your computer. You can use a free hosting service, bu be aware that Imagur doesn’t work with Codepen.

Oh alright, that makes sense. Thank you for your help