I can't get myself a live url for my exercise, or something

Totally thrown as to how I can get where this file is stored so not sure what is wrong. It says I have not put the author in valid but it looks simple so I think is the address?
This is the first exercise in the api module. I gave or it received this address.

you need to host the project demo somewhere live. github only stores the code, it doesn’t run the code. You need store it somewhere that allows you to run the code and see the results.

  1. you can create a project on replit.com
    Create a new Repl - Replit

    What you see above should be what you get when using replit.

The generated live link for my project is https://boilerplate-npm.curioventurer.repl.co , shown on the webview pane.
This is the link you can submit to pass the test.
After creating your project, you click run to generate the webview pane where a demo of your project is rendered and you can get your link there.

You can see my project on boilerplate-npm - Replit

  1. you can run it locally on your computer by following this guide.
    How to Run the freeCodeCamp Backend Challenges Locally

  2. Or you can create a project on another website similar to replit, it am not sure whether this works, never tried it.