I can't get the logo to fit in the navbar

I have fulfilled all of the tests except one, the logo.
I want to make the image a part of the navbar, like the way the example is, but it won’t work.
I’ve tried multiple different things, including directly copying all of the css from the example (even though I’m not exactly supposed to, but trust me this was a last resort) and nothing seems to be working.
Also, I can’t tell if the image is actually a part of my webpage, because the navbar is covering it up.
Please help!

Here is my code:https://codepen.io/NeonFoxX/full/NWxGQVR


P.S. I made this image entirely in GIMP.
Also the codepen link is in full page view, so you’ll have to change that to editor view to see my code.

You can’t link to the src like you are.

src="Beat Labs Logo2.png"

It has to be uploaded somewhere and linked to or you have to use a Codepen project as they allow for file uploads, but the free version has limitations.

Thanks, I’ll see if this works.

Update: Just checked and sadly, I cannot upload media files of any kind without a pro account. I also have no idea where on earth I can upload this.

Your right sorry I didn’t know and I never used projects so I just assumed it would work. Just another reason why Codepen is totally outdated (I’m surprised they have not gone out of business, to be honest). Check out CodeSandbox it is much more like a local dev environment using VS Code, and they let you upload files (with some total size restrictions).

Or you can use some hosts (E.g. Github) and upload the image.