Product Landing Page need Help

this is the link
plz tell me how to add link img


      <img id="here should be your image id" src="image address should be here" alt="Obaid TECH" />

Hope this helps
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Can u help me that from where i can get logo img

I’m not sure if codepen allows to upload your own designs, but you can use any image from the web:

Lets say you want upload this image:

overleaf_og logo

just type:
<img src='//' alt="overleaf_og logo">

I hope this helps

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why the li element in the nav tag is displayed in the bottom help!!

You can host your own designs on Dropbox, AWS S3 etc and then link to the design via the image src attr

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So in your CSS you had set the height of .page to 800px and the navbar was outside of that, meaning that it was way down the bottom. Putting you navbar inside your header seems to do the trick I think you’re looking for.

how the (product) and the logo pic whould be displayed in one line

I forked your pen and played with it a small bit. I think this is slightly what you might be suggesting you want? It’s enough to get you going anyway. Have fun!

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now all work is okay thanks for your help
but plz tell me how can i get logo of my choice on website

Have you got a dropbox account? You can host your images there. Upload your image and then get the link via the Share icon. Paste that link as the image src attribute. One thing to note is that you need to replace the address with Example below:

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