Responsive website building product landing page U.S. #12


Hey guys,

I’m stuck on 2 things at the moment:

=> I wasn’t able to get link for images, so I decided to make one for myself and added on Google Drive. Failed. Tried to upload it on imgur. Failed. Any better way to do it?

=> I did the same thing that the example did on its code, but I wasn’t passed… Any reason you found?

Here is my code for your reference:



Googled: “how to host images for html”, found this:

EDIT: I used it to create a link here:, and I also noticed that your image has its id attribute listed twice.

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Sweet! This worked :slight_smile:


Thanks @vipatron :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. As for the 1/2 comment, you should read the test output more carefully. That huge block of text below the red #12 line? It tells you why you failed (to some degree of clarity - usually useful).

W3 page on names - check out the third line (about forms)