Help with Product Landing page project

Hi Campers!

I need some help with my product landing page project. These questions probably have super simple answers but I’ve done my own digging and I am stuck.

This is the first time I’ve had to use my own images or videos to make one of these projects, aside from stealing one off google images in my earliest project. And this project seems to push you off the deep end…I don’t feel super prepared for it, but I am jumping in.

So question 1:
How do I link a stock photo into my HTML?

I understand the code would be

img src=" (link here)">

but what link would I use or how would I get a link for the photo. I have found a few free stock photos to use on various websites, but that just allows me to download it to my computer. How do I then get a URL for it?

Question 2:
Same question, but for videos. For this project, we are required to embed a video. Are there stock videos I can legally use? How else do people link youtube videos?

Thank you for any help you can offer this new coder!

For the first question, if you are using a photo that is saved on your computer then you need to host it somewhere. Using a website like below, because as users we dont have access to your computer or the files so we cant see anything saved on your computer if you were to use an image like that. Thats why it needs to be hosted before you can use it.

Once you upload your image you should see this screen. As you can see it gives you a link to use, and you can select on the embeded codes to see all the options it gives you. Just use the link it provides you, and you should be good

Unfortunately, I have never used videos in any of my personal or work projects so for that part I wouldnt be much help

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