Am I suppose to copy the image links and such from the project example or find my own?

3 questions.

I’m on the product landing page, and I don’t have any images of my own, and I don’t know if I should try to find free images, icons, and etc that are in the public domain to use or do I use the links of the images within the project examples…

  1. What should I do?

  2. Also, am I suppose to try to recreate the project example using the links, images, and etc that are in the examples or am I suppose to try to find my on links, images, and etc and make something similar to the project example?

I’ve created the basic HTML and CSS code for the Tribute Page, Survey Form, and I’m working on the Product Landing page.

Tribute Page:

Survey Form:

Since I didn’t have any images of my own for the “Product Landing Page,”
I just created an img element without a url for the src attribue.
3. Is It okay to do that for the project since I don’t have any images and it would probably take a lot of time to find royalty free public domain images, icons, and etc?

Product Landing Page:

Try Googling ‘free stock images’ or something like that. Should provide a few options. Sourcing such material I would suggest is part of the exercise.

I can suggest you some safe websites where you can find royalty-free / no copyrighted / public domain images. (my favorite, i’m an artist so I use some images for basic reference)

Good luck!

Thank you for replying and for the suggestion.

Thank for those links. I’ll check them out.

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