Help needed again for project landing page

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for advice about the (far from done!) Product Landing page I am in the process of coding right now:

For those of you that saw my last question about hover & image, I was able to figure it out! (I wanted to be able to hover and then have pricing info and I managed)

However, I am now struggling with my logo as it reacts the same way as the images do (because it’s too, I get that) and I am looking for suggestions to solve this in one of these two solutions: 1) to code this so that only my images react when you move the mouse over it, but not the logo. 2) link my logo to my Instagram, but I’ve tried that but then the hashtag or text appears next to the logo which looks weird.

I hope my questions make any sense…

Thank you very much in advance!


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Problem solved! It was actually very straightforward, all I had to do was change ‘<image’ to ‘id’ so that the same rules didn’t apply to my logo.

Have a great day everyone!

Hi @JohannaV-code!
I like the idea and the colors of your project. You’re doing a good work!:clap::clap:

If you apply the FCC tests, only pass 11/16. You should check that.
If you need help you can write your doubts in this same post.

You can do it, go for it!:muscle::wink:

Thank you @MartaFagundez!

I’m still working on the page and experimenting, so need to check the requirements for this and that I meet them. I will reach out again if I feel stuck. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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