Please help I'm having issue with my product landing page

Please help me out guys… my product landing task says there must be atleast one media query and atleast one flexbox display… and i have them in my css… but still wouldn’t let me pass through… help!

Maybe if you post a link to your code someone would be able to help you

please this is a link to the code.


Your page passed all the tests on my end. Check again

Wow it actually passed on codepen… I’ve been testing it outside of codepen all this while and it would’nt go through… thanks for the help

For future reference, if you’re working outside codepen you’ll need to link to the css using a metatag in the head of your html code. It’s usually:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> . That’s probably why it didn’t work.

I had it in my html from onset.
I didnt build the page on codepen.

Oh ok. yeah I find codepen makes me lazy with things like that lol. I’m Glad you’ve got it working.

lol right, it can happen sometimes.
Thanks for reaching out