I can't seem to change my font

Hello, a newbie is back with a question that makes me feel like I’ve earned the title. I can’t seem to change my font in CSS. I can change whether it’s serif or sans, but I can’t change the actual font. Can anyone help me see what I am missing?


Much thanks!

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hey Did you import the font from google , after you use the different font family you need to import from here link:-

if you don’t know how to import and all let me know

Thanks, I would love a little help importing. Also, I thought there were some fonts built in that didn’t require importing. Is that true?

yeah that’s true , go above link search the font family name and click on the + button and down there you get to two different that can be done to make it work . link can be added in html code and @import can be added in CSS code hope it helps
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Thank you very much! I’ll try that now.

edit: Still no luck. I put the @import link between style tags on the html part of the pen, and put the font-family part how google told me to. Still only able to change serif aspect…

First add that in CSS blocks
like you add that

@import url(‘https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Nunito’);


font-family: ‘Nunito’, sans-serif;

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see everything is working fine

It works like a charm now! The sky’s the limits, baby!

Thank you =)

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you welcome man
keep learning , Happy Coding man