I can't sign up/join the course

I’m unable to join the course when I click on the available sign up options such as email, github and so on. The buttons are not responding. Any help?

Do try another browser something in your current one might block u from preformming/connecting the action

I tried but still not working.

This means that something is blocking access to freeCodeCamp. Usually, we have found that these are network settings (especially if you are using a work, school, or library network). Sometimes it is security settings on your computer or browser.

I’ve tried to change the security settings but still the same.

There is something related to your computer, your browser, or your connection to the internet that is blocking fCC’s curriculum. You can try using a proxy service or connecting via a different internet provider (for example, at a friend’s house to see if that is the problem).

any specific tips? thanks

I specifically suggest that you try using a proxy service. If you are still having issues, I specifically suggest going to another location such as a coffee shop or a friend’s house (with a different ISP). These are steps that you can take to try to narrow down the source of the problem.