I can't understand node.js

I really want to learn how to use node.js, but sometimes I feel lost in some complex concepts. I do not know where to learn these concepts and sometimes I wonder if I stopped learning something important before moving on to the node. I have some questions: what are the prerequisites to fully understand node.js? And is it a BackEnd language? (Is it a language? :point_right: :point_left:)

Fun fact: node.js is written in 3 languages:

  • C (I/O)
  • C++ (V8)
  • JavaScript (node modules)

Thank you for recomendations, that will help me a lot!

Hey I Think i can help you. I just start learning Node a month ago. I know that all this npm and node modules might me overwhelming for you.
So let me help you :slight_smile : :wink:

  1. First of all you have to lay out foundation for Node
    So go to The Net Ninja Channel on Youtube and Search for Node Playlist.
    Believe me i have researched for more than one month only for resources so you can trust me blindly.
    It is a 37 video playlist and in the end you will built a To-Do app on node.

  2. After that search for Art of Node.
    It is a github repo which explains all the technical stuff beautifully.

  3. Till now you must have say 40% knowledge of node.
    Now go through this article for finding out what you donโ€™t know yet.

This article contains a video that tells you about Asynchronous I/O, Event Loop and stuff.


I have been diving into Node.js lately, and Iโ€™ve found this Net Ninja playlist to be extremely helpful. He really breaks it down into simple terms and explains it from the ground up.


Agree. The Net ninjaโ€™s playlist of Node is excellent.