I could not find the error

var rps = function (rounds){
    var results = [];
    var posbt = ['r', 'p', 's']
     var play = function(playSo, rounds ){
         if(rounds === 0){
         for (var i = 0; i < 3; i ++){
             play(playSo + posbt[i], rounds - 1 );
     play('', rounds);
     return results;
var maple = rps(1);

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there are no syntax errors in your code.

What should your code do?
What output for what input?
What is happening instead?

I can’t read your mind

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Excuse me
The goal of the game is to repeat every possibility three times, starting from the first possibility

I have still not the faintest idea what your function should do:

what’s the input? what should be the output? what’s the logic that links the two?

I think the problem that I mean from it is the link between the inputs and the output of the idea
Would you please advise in general not just the problem

is it a challenge you are doing from somewhere?

I have no idea how to help, as I don’t know what the issue is

No, there is no challenge
I just try to learn
But I have some problem with the methodology of linking

if you explain what your code should do I may be able to help. Otherwise I can’t help you.

What should be the input?
What should be the output?
How are the two connected? (what’s the logic that links the two? And I do not mean in code, I mean like “the input is a string, the output is the length of the string”, “the input is an array of numbers, the output is the number resulting in summing all the numbers in the array”)

I have no idea what you want to do with your code, so I have no idea what help I could give you