I did it! Caesars Cipher is done!

I completed the Caesars Cipher challenge!

Somehow my solution seems clumsy but I did it…

Good Job!!!

Just FYI, the link to your code is just a link to the challenge. It doesn’t actually save your code for other people to view, the code is on your local system. So when I open the link, it just is the blank challenge page.

So if you were wanting someone to cretique your code, might want to copy/paste it into a message… make sure to put three of the ``` above and below your code to denote its code so it formats properly.

With ```

let x = 25; x++;

let x = 25; x++; - and it gets even worse with HTML which will apply.

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Thanks a lot, I already know how to do the code thing and hiding the solution but I, naïvely, considered that I was going to be scolded, admonished, punished, etc. for posting a solution to a challenge of that magnitude.

Indeed, after googling “Caesar cipher in js” I saw many other approaches…

EDIT: Solution is gone from this post

Ooops, my bad. Got you scolded… I wasn’t thinking. Straight forward implementation though, good job.

My bad Randall… Solution is gone…

I told you! He even gave me a dirty look! :smile:

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