I do not know how to claim my certificate

Hi everyone! I completed the Responsive Web Design course. But when I went to claim my certificate and I filled the required data to get it I was told this : It looks like you have not completed the necessary steps. Please complete the required projects to claim the Responsive Web Design Certification. I don’t understand what they ask me to do. Here I joined the link to what I did and how far I got. Can anyone tell me what I should do to claim my certificate?

(New) Responsive Web Design Certification | freeCodeCamp.org

Have you completed all the five required course projects?

You can check the link that I give bellow my message. You will see that I did all that I was asked to do.

The link actually leads to a page that will show my personal progress. Same as everyone.
Try addressing your issue to support@freecodecamp.org

Let me try it in this way. I really completed all the course. So I wonder what’s wrong again. If I don’t know what to do how do you want me to do it?

In any way I thank you once again for you reaching out to help me.

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