Unable to claim the Responsive Design Certificate

I completed all the Responsive Design Projects successfully but now when i go to claim the certificate .It tells me to complete the projects first. What should i do.please help.I mean i already updated my projects and re-checked it and re-submitted it. But no luck. It would be great if someone in freeCodeCamp community can help me with this issue. @QuincyLarson
As you can see here that i already completed the projects and it shows in my profile too. But can not claim the Responsive certificate.

Here is my profile link :

As far as I know, it’s currently bugged.

Idk. But there were some FCC members with the same issue but got fixed by @QuincyLarson himself. So i did tried to contact him but haven’t heard from him till now.

@RocktimSaikia we’re currently working on it. I’m sure it’ll be up soon. Thanks for bringing this issue up.

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Thanks for the response.I am really looking forward on claiming the Responsive Design Certificate asap. I hope it gets fixed soon.