Unable to claim the Responsive Design Certificate

Unable to claim the Responsive Design Certificate
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I completed all the Responsive Design Projects successfully but now when i go to claim the certificate .It tells me to complete the projects first. What should i do.please help.I mean i already updated my projects and re-checked it and re-submitted it. But no luck. It would be great if someone in freeCodeCamp community can help me with this issue. @QuincyLarson
As you can see here that i already completed the projects and it shows in my profile too. But can not claim the Responsive certificate.

Here is my profile link :


As far as I know, it’s currently bugged.


Idk. But there were some FCC members with the same issue but got fixed by @QuincyLarson himself. So i did tried to contact him but haven’t heard from him till now.


@RocktimSaikia we’re currently working on it. I’m sure it’ll be up soon. Thanks for bringing this issue up.


Thanks for the response.I am really looking forward on claiming the Responsive Design Certificate asap. I hope it gets fixed soon.