I don't have CS degree but I want to be a software engineer. What should I do?

I’m a graduation student but I’m doing it simply. I need help. I’m interested in computers so much and now I want to be a software engineer. But I’m able to find a correct path. I don’t understand what to do first, what to learn first. I’m stuck. I’m a seeing a whole world in front of me to learn but I don’t know what to learn from it. So any expert that can give me feedback. Thanks.

Believe you will be world class developer and work towards that belief and goal

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Hi Ahmad,
You can have a CS degree without actually being a software engineer, I personally have a CS degree with focus on Network and System admin. And now I am battling for my software development skills. It’s a general rule but is my personal opinion of the steps you can take:

  1. Learn the basics about computers such as binary system, architecture, operating systems etc(Udemy, Reading articles, Youtube etc can help)
  2. Learn some programming logic (Udemy, Reading articles, Youtube etc can help)
  3. Regardless to whether you want to become a backend or a frontend developer I would suggest you to start with HTML, CSS, Javascript(FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, Codeacademy has what you need)

And finally read read read and read. If you don’t like reading you have two options: 1. Create the reading culture it’s learn-able. 2. Spend your time in another industry IT is not for you.

Again don’t take this as final or the go to rule. It’s based on my personal experience It’s the only industry I’ve been working since my 18s I am 32 today and still feeling a newbie.