Can i become software engineer?

Hello, i’m 24yo. I’m form VietNam and i’ve bachelor of science degree in physics. However, i really want to become a software engineer. I spend 8h per day to code and study. Can i get a job by learning the courses on FreeCodeCamp . Can u give me some advice? Will the employers need me ? (sry for my bad english :smiley: ).

Hello, i’m 24yo.

Still very young.

i’ve bachelor of science degree in physics

A lot of developers don’t have degrees in CS, etc. My degree is in Music. Having any degree is good, but there are people with none that get hired. Some jobs require a CS degree, but a lot don’t care as long as you can code.

I spend 8h per day to code and study

Wow, that’s aggressive, good for you.

Can i get a job by learning the courses on FreeCodeCamp .

No, probably not. You can however do the FCC course as a framework for your learning, taking occasional side trips. After completing FCC, you keep learning and building things. That is what gets you a job - knowing things and being able to show them what you’ve built. That and building a good portfolio site, a good resume, getting good at interviews.

FCC alone won’t get you a job, but it can be the foundation of what you need. That’s what worked for me.

Can u give me some advice?

Keep learning and building things. Get together with other devs in your area - look for meetups.

Longterm, getting the first job is insanely difficult. I might look around for something local. After a few years of any professional coding job, it will be much easier to get hired, even internationally. But getting that first experience is difficult. If it’s difficult to find local work, then you might be able to find something online - it’s difficult to get the first job remotely, but freelance work is possible. Barring that, doing open source can also show that you can work on a team.

Will the employers need me?

There is a strong demand for web devs and it is expected to increase.

sry for my bad english

Dude, your English is fine. In fact it may be an asset - many international dev teams use English as the common language. Even some dev shops in foreign countries use English as the lingua franca - being able to speak English is a plus. You don’t need to be able to quote Shakespeare, just be able to communicate, which you seem to be doing well.

As a final word, just keep learning and keep building things. Keep building more and more complex things, learning new libraries and technologies as you go. If you keep doing that, your skill, the markets need, and a little luck will eventually intersect and you will get a job.


Thanks a lot Mr.Smith :D.

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