Will FCC make me Software Developer or Web developer?

Can you tell me if freeCodeCamp teaches Software Development ?
I mean, if i finish the freeCodeCamp Curriculum, can i consider myself a Software Developer ?

freecodecamp teaches web development

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Will learning Web Development help me in becoming a good software developer or will it be a waste of time ?

Web development is a subset of software development. That is, every Web developer is a software developer, but not every software dev is a Web dev.

If making software that runs in browsers appeals to you, then learning web dev is not a waste. It’s up to you, depending on what you hope to achieve from it.

For what it’s worth, I learned Web dev primarily through freeCodeCamp, and my professional job title is ‘Software Engineer’. Whether I’m a good one is debatable :wink:


Can freeCodeCamp help me if i want to become a software engineer, even a small portion ?
If no, what do i need to learn ?
Any tips and advises to a CS student ?

in my opinion software engineering has many branches and they have a common science and if you see the syllabus of any university for software engineering you will see that specialization is at the senior year they get a project in any branch they have studied like mobile apps or web or any thing


It helped me become a software engineer.

For me, forums like this were a great resource for improving my skill of became a better software engineer.