Should I do FreeCodeCamp if I want to be a Software Developer?

I want to become a software Developer. I have heard that FreeCodeCamp is mainly for those who want to make websites and stuff like that. I am not interested in web development but I have never tried it so I am not sure what my end goal is. I have no idea what I want to create with code. I also want to know what kind of programming languages FCC teaches its students? I have never done any web development so I am not sure if I like it or not. I have no previous back ground in coding. I am a senior in High School and I have always wanted to learn to code but I am not sure what I want to create with code.

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Making websites is also part of software development. The term software developer is pretty broad. It covers things such as Machine Learning, embedded systems to web development, etc…

FCC is beginner friendly and covers good amount of codings in depth and you will learn plenty starting from here. It teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, D3, node and more.

Btw if you have no idea what you want to create with code, why do you want to be a software developer?

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I find coding interesting and fun and I love to create stuff but when it come to coding I have no idea what I would like to create I guess because I haven’t been around coding very much in my life.

Here’s the thing, a lot of software development is web development. It might not necessarily be on the internet, but they use the same things. When you boil down to it, storing data in a database, accessing it over network, and rendering the data in a readable and interactive form cover a lot of business uses.

The web is so much more powerful than it used to be, so FCC isn’t just teaching you how to build websites, it’s teaching you how to build web applications, and the concepts are applicable to many uses. A site like Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, isn’t just a “website”, rather a culmination of various systems engineered to work in concert to create a user experience.

If you never tried , it doesn’t hurt to try, because the job market is there for these skills

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Thank you for opening my mind to this. It makes me want to learn this more and more!