Does freecodecamp only teach web development?

I searched through freecodecamp and see only courses related with website.

So, does freecodecamp only teach web development?

And, does it has app development courses?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Yes, FCC is focused on web development, specifically the MEN and MERN stacks, although I’ve heard tell of a Python program being developed. But that’s still all web dev.

As to apps, that depends on your definition of “app”. For some people, complicated functions on web pages running the the browser are “apps”. In that case, yes. If you mean a native program running on the computer, then no. For some they mean mobile apps, in which the case is “not really” but FCC does deal with React, which is pretty close to React Native which will build native mobile apps.

It really depends on what you mean by “app”.


Also, a big part of app development is turning into PWAs ( progressive web apps), which means you can learn web development then specialize in that branch, making native-ish apps that don’t need to be instaled from the App Store and takes almost zero space in your memory.

And of course, there’s React Native to develop true native apps using web technologies

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