Is free code camp about only webdevelopment?

I wonder if freecodecamp has tutorials about languages such as python?

FreeCodeCamp curriculum is all web development, but they also have a list of guides on other topics:

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FCC is focused on web development. For the front end that means (of course) HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with some additional frameworks. For the back end, Node is used. There is some talk of developing some materials for other languages, but those will probably be a ways off. FCC is free and depends largely on volunteer work.


Is FCC a tutorial based full teaching site, or, is it basically just a guideline, and gives codes for projects instead? I’m new here and just heard about FCC, I’d like to learn, because, I want to create a dynamic social networking site, but, the UI of FCC is really confusing me. I have a Map menu above in the homepage of FCC, and it appears that most of them have only 1-3 minute of short videos.

Is the FCC for giving free video coding lessons, or is it just a map for students and developers?

FCC is a teaching site. It takes you through the process and teaches you as you go. It is not just a “map”.

That being said, it is expected that if you run into difficulties, that you will consult outside sources. The training is not comprehensive in that it will not teach you everything about HTML, etc. It will teach you the basics to get you going and it is expected that you will continue to research and develop as you learn new things. There are a few videos, but most of the training is not video based.