I don't understand what I am supposed to do with the CDN in VS code

So I have copy pasted the cdn link into my HTML like this:

I read another post on this exact same topic and followed the instructions.

I went to codepen: codepen->settings->javascript copy pasted the CDN link.

Okay, now what? What Am I supposed to do after this? Isn’t my code still stored locally? How do I actually share the code?
Please help.

Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

to test your code in local, add <script src='...'></script> before the closing </body> tag in your html file, with the value of src being the cdn link

to test it you can now open the html file with your browser, or use the live server extension to open it from the editor

to submit your code, you need a live version of your code, which can be codepen, repl.it, codesandbox, github pages, anything really as long as there is a live version of your page and the code is publicly viable

To submit your code

First make sure you have a place online like code pen or an online repository like github where your code can be uploaded to. For code pen it’s a biy easy to just create a pen and paste your code in the pen and there are tutorials to help you.

Secondly make sure to include the FreeCodeCamp JavaScript as part of your code in the HTML section. Now you can view your code online via a browser or as maybe required.

Once you do these you gain access to see whether you completed the requirements by selecting the challenge you are doing from the hambouger menu provided by the FreeCodeCamp JavaScript

If you didn’t meetup to the requirements it will flag them out if you did it show you a complete score e.g 12/12

Now you can move to the next challenge
Usually no automatic feedback if you want a feedback send your project link to this furum
Just as you have ask this question, this time you include the project link and ask for a feed back you’ll get feed back shortly most times remember to include the online link of your work so people can see your work.
:grin: Hope this helps