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Hi. With other test I have used the CodePen. but the problem is that in the free version I cannot upload images. So for my portfolio test I want to run the test in an environment which allows me to use my images. I wonder how can I use the CDN link you provide in order to place my portfolio with all the images in a place in wich to run the text. I don’t know where to place it, whether to place it in FreeCodeCamp or in Github, and the steps I have to follow in order to accomplish the tastk. Thanks in advance


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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Hi @Amapola-Negra, When I was doing this project I uploaded my images to an image website like imgur and then I was able to continue using CodePen. If you’re new to coding this is what I recommend doing. Let me know if I can help further :slight_smile:

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Thanks Miles. But then how do you link the images you have placed in the other website? Thanks in advance


Hi again. I think that if it is there a posibility to place all my project in the same place I would prefer do it that way. Thanks in advance.


You would need the direct url to the image to include in the <img> tag.

What are the images? Are they of the other four projects? Did you know that codepen provides screenshots that you can use in your portfolio? You can read up on it in their official documentation.

Hi. The images I’m talking about are self-made drawings. Among other things I draw pictures and I think that it would be good if from the start my projects and my portfolio would show my own pictures. That’s why I’m looking for a way in which to place my portfolio with my sample projects using my images. I saw that CDN link to run the test in any environment. And the question I have is, in which environment can I place my html files and an “images” folder with my images.Thanks in advance.


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