I need help with the product landing page project

So i am done with the project,now the problem is that i have it on Visual Studio code and i cannot upload it onto codepen and i also can’t seem to use the CDN as a link to grade my project can you guys please help me i’m stuck

Hey @Yomzi!

What specifically is happening when you create a new pen and copy and paste your code into codepen?

For the CDN, have you tried to include the link inside a script tag in the body of your html?

The problem is that when i copy and paste my code to the pen i can only copy and paste one HTML page and therefore i cannot include the other pages and also i cannot include the images, and all those things are required for the project

yes is did include it in my script tag using the SRC attribute but when i run it in the browser it does nothing!!

If you are using images that are stored on your computer only then you will need to have them hosted online somewhere in order for it to be seen by everyone.

Here are some sites where you can host images for free.

If you have multiple html pages (ex about page, contact page, etc) then you should use github to upload your project instead. Codepen is used for single page projects.

For the CDN, it should look like this.

<script src="https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/v1/bundle.js"></script>

When I tried it in the new pen it works on my end.

So maybe there is small typo in yours. Trying just posting the script tag in an empty pen and seeing if it works like in mine.

@Yomzi, the test script is JavaScript. When you put it into your HTML page it should be right before the closing body tag. If it’s in the head, it will not run.