Product Landing Page - Where do I put it?

So this is going to be a long post… but anyways…

For this project, I wanted to try to use SCSS and did so using VS Code. I created a project with multiple directories like images, fonts, and several SCSS files for better organization. The problem is that shifting all of the code to codepen is difficult especially with multiple files. So I wanted to create a codepen which is similar to the final version but many features are buggy. I don’t want to go through 600+ lines of code.

I would prefer starting a GitHub account and importing my project there. But I don’t think FCC can evaluate it and give me a pass on the product landing page in order for me to receive my certification.

So I just brute-forced my code into a pen, which limited some of my code, but it doesn’t really matter to me as long as I pass the cases and can put my actual project onto git. So I have one test case left which I am confused why it is considered a failure.

If you would be kind to just look at the pen and just fix the failure case. Or if you could help me devise a workaround to this whole git/codepen/FCC mess. Thanks so much! :smile:

Here is the codepen :grimacing:

If you decide to build your projects on another editor instead of codepen, you wouldn’t need to necessarily copy and paste what you have into codepen to check if your page are passing certain tasks.

Instead, you can just use the cdn that FCC provides that you can include in your main index.html file

  <script src=""></script>

You would take that script tag and put at the end of your body tag, and whenever you test your page out like you normally would, you would see the test cases on the upper left. With that you can upload that completed project on github and use that towards your certificate, rather than codepen, since you included the cdn to validate your project.

This is what I do, since I like to use vscode, just build your project normally with the included cdn, and upload to whatever site you like.