Product Landing Page - Working, but not on Codepen

Hi everyone,

Here is my Product Landing Page, at least a first draft of it.

I had completed the former FCC Front End Certification before, but since the Landing Page project was not a requirement at that time, I decided I should just go ahead and take the opportunity to present a project I had thought about some 15 years ago (before Uber’s market domination). Because I needed some form of explainer for the project, I went against the recommendations and used some javascript libraries ( Because of this, or because of something else – I am not sure, I cannot validate the project with the bundle.js link provided in the project specification page.

Another problem is I cannot use Codepen: I tried to copy/paste the source files into Codepen but it chocked. I managed to copy it in chunks but now the presentation is broken (in the top navbar). The CSS file has been generated with SCSS.

I would appreciate comment and help regarding those problems. And, sure enough, I would also appreciate comments on the project product itself.


in codepen there is a way to select scss preprocessor using the cog-wheel settings icons from the css file.
Can you try to change your settings there?

also if you paste this script line into your codepen html file at the top, you can run the product landing page test suite (you are at 8 tests out of 16 passing)

<script src=""></script>

Perhaps you need to examine the Javascript setup too? (maybe there are pre-processors that you need to add or other setup may be needed?

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Thanks hbar, all test are passing now.