I false flagged a post. Please help

I was going through the Code Feedback category and commenting on peoples work when I cam accross this post: My first project on the way to getting certified

The link attached is a link to this user’s project, and upon clicking on it, it took me to a ffc project that looked exactly the same as mine. I failed to realise it was actually just taking me to my project and flagged their post.

It was an honest mistake and I would like the flag removed before any action gets taken. :pray::sob:


Thank you for your interest in getting to know our work! And so far, nothing has happened. :slight_smile:

The flag has been cleared up and a moderator has already informed you about the changes you need to make to your link. If you’d like to share your project, Codepen is a quick easy way to show of your projects. I suggest you copy your code into a Codepen project and replace your existing link with a link to that codepen project. No one can actually view your project because the link is redirecting us to our projects (if completed).


Thank you very much for your tips. I appreciated!